16th ICC Cereal and Bread Congress
Sara Melis

Sara Melis

About her:

In September 2014, after successfully completing her Master studies in Bio-Science Engineering, Sara embarked on her PhD at the Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Biochemistry under supervision of Prof. Jan Delcour. Her PhD research tackled the role of wheat endogenous lipids and their enzymatically released hydrolysis products in bread making.

After obtaining her PhD degree in June 2019, Sara had a keen desire to extend both her scientific knowledge as well as her management skills. She was offered such an opportunity at the Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Biochemistry where she is a highly appreciated postdoctoral researcher now. More in particular, Sara is chair of the technical program management team of the SBO-project FIBRAXFUN, “A Knowledge Base for Exploiting Novel Wheats Rich in Arabinoxylan Dietary Fibre throughout the Wheat Value Chain”.

Sara’s core interest is in food chemistry, the discipline that deals with the major and minor constituents of food and its raw materials, as well as with their functionality and fate during food processing and storage. Within this general theme, her expertise covers cereal constituents (non-starch polysaccharides, lipids, …), cereal-derived end products (bread, cake, …) and enzymes for bread making (lipases, xylanases, …).

About her talk:

Despite many years of research in this area, numerous questions about the impact of wheat lipids on bread quality and the mechanisms underlying their impact remain. By applying lipases as research tools in bread making with different flours, Sara was able to provide answers to some of these questions and advance knowledge in this complex research domain.