16th ICC Cereal and Bread Congress
Maryke Labuschagne

Maryke Labuschagne

About her:

Maryke Labuschagne is a professor in Plant Breeding at the University of the Free State in South Africa. She is also chairing the South African National Research Foundation Chairs Initiative chair in disease resistance and quality in field crops. Her research focus is on bread wheat baking quality and specifically on glutenin proteins and how they influence baking quality. A part of the research is on the influence of abiotic stress conditions such as heat, drought and fertilizer deficiency on gluten proteins. She also works on maize quality, as maize is the major staple crop in Africa. She supervises PhD students from various countries in Africa, and has supervised 66 PhD students in her career. She has published more than 200 papers in accredited journals with her students.

About her talk:

South Africa has very diverse bread wheat producing regions. In this talk the usability of water retention capacity and glutenin swelling index as possible predictors of grain characteristics in diverse production regions, in both spring and winter wheat, is discussed.